Overseas transportations

International transport by sea, which is organized by our company, is the best choice of delivery of goods or cargo at any distance. We always care about the safety of the transferred cargo in the strictest order and follow the deadline. Overseas transportation is carried out at the highest level!

Thanks to the professionalism of our employees, we have a wide range of services. Any cargo transportation requires the preparation and execution of a specific set of documents, and cargo by sea also includes precise calculation of freight rates and customs clearance. We can also provide you with insurance and quarantine procedures in accordance with the rules of international regulations.

Working with us, delivery to/from all ports of the world will be open to you. In addition, we always develop optimal layout of the route depending on what you need.

Also our customers, ordering transportation by sea, have an access to the storage and delivery of goods under the protection of the ports, cargo handling (stevedoring) preliminary work and chartering of watercrafts of foreign companies.

To carry out all the necessary import/export procedures of various types, including products, fruits and vegetables, special technique, any vehicles, equipment, raw materials, a variety of finished products and so on.

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How is the overseas transportation carried out?

Stages of the cargo transportation on water:

The amount of goods transported by sea is not limited. We will carry out the proper route and select the necessary transport. That will be the bonus, by means of which you can save money and time. Don’t doubt - transportation by sea with our help will be correctly implemented in specified time period.

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