Oversized transportations

We offer reliable services for transportation of oversized cargo using road vehicles and railway. While transportation using vehicles, we will provide you with specialized equipment, as well as qualified specialists for the loading and unloading of the oversize. Teamwork allows transportation with high speed just in time. If you need an oversized transport by rail, our company once again opens its doors for you. Transportation of oversized cargo by rail is carried out only on a professional level with the assurance of compliance with the terms.

Oversize trucking passes through properly planned routes and tracked thanks to a well-developed logistics network. Book the transportation of oversize right now and make sure that we fulfill our obligations with great responsibility. Product safety is provided by our professional drivers and freight forwarders. Delays in road transport are excluded, even in the case of long-distance routes. Price is fixed; it is set at the time of conclusion of the contract and does not change under any circumstances. Cooperation with us is a very good bargain for you!

it is beneficial to work with us because we have:

We are also ready to carry out cargo transportation by railways while providing the necessary transport, which will be selected by our experts. Adoption of the route will be developed only with your participation.

we perform the transportation of oversized cargo of following types:

The amount of goods transported by sea is not limited. We will carry out the proper route and select the necessary transport. That will be the bonus, by means of which you can save money and time. Don’t doubt - transportation by sea with our help will be correctly implemented in specified time period.

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