Railway transportation

We offer an inexpensive transportation of goods by railways. We present to you our rates, from which you can choose the one that attracts you, the most. Working with some of the largest commercial carriers and contractors in russia and europe allows us to offer you the best conditions of the order of railway traffic! The highest result - their achievement is our goal. For this reason, we aim to fully satisfy our customers' needs. Compliance with contractual obligations and rules to send goods by rail is one of our priorities.

We can easily find a suitable rolling stock if you urgently need a railway transportation. There are virtually no restrictions for shipment on volume, weight and shape. We offer you the opportunity to select the rolling stock from any category, including 3- and 5 -ton, 20 and 40 - foot containers and container of «Highcube» class.

We provide railway transportation by means of modern vehicles of the highest class. We guarantee high reliability! Time is running out and you want to save money? Turn to us! Route will be designed with special care and, therefore, no problem on the route. That is why you will have your goods transported at the desired time. Without delay! The load is monitored all the time until it reaches the destination path. So you can be sure of its safety.

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